Thabiso Phepeng uses a combination of postmodern African art, abstract expressionism and graffiti influences. The mix of influences has refined a style reflected in his work through the intense focus on process as opposed to working towards a pre-planned result. He loosely describes as “Mark Making” or “Paint for the sake of paint and colour for the sake of colour.

Born in 1981 and now currently living in Zürich since Dec. 2014, having spent most of his life in South Africa, He started painting and drawing formally at the age of 11 in Thaba-Nchu, a small township town in the former landlocked Country of Bophuthatswana ( Disbanded in 1994) in an institution called Mmabana Arts and Cultural Centre. In 1999 He then went on to study a Fine Art (NDip) in Tshwane University of Technology (Pretoria, South Africa). Ever since then to date he continues to practice the discipline, as the journey goes he draws a mix of influences from his experiences, surroundings, living space, relationships and family.

Welcome to his journey of the process...

"The forms and shapes on your painting seem subconscious in their nature, much like what your brain does when you dream. It recombines images, shapes, forms, persons that you saw during the day (consciously and subconsciously) into an independent creative whole.
When trying to interpret my dreams, I often feel that I don't rationally understand them, but more emotionally. I feel that I know what they are, as released and unwound (or rather untied) thoughts. 
Thoughts that unwind from a fork onto a plate..


When looking into your paintings (I must say looking into, i.e. literally zooming into the details, or better being zoomed in), my thoughts resonate on a subconscious level, they are dragged in. Your art stands between surrealism in its psychological point of view and abstract painting. It gives more grip mentally than abstract painting, but not as much as any form of realism. I would, therefore, call it "Proto-Realistic Surrealism". Thoughts of Sebastian Lange.


Since 2021 until current artworks on display : Andermatt, CH, Zumschwarzenbaren and Crown Hotel


Exhibited at Vernice Gallery, Zurich 2021, Exhibited at Salon Mondial Basel 2021, Exhibited at Andermatt 2021, Exhibited at BAM, Maaghalle, Zurich 2020, Exhibited at Gallery Le-Sud, Zürich 2018, Performance Art Ambossrampe, Zurich 2019,  Exhibited at The Bite, Zürich 2017, Exhibited at Kafi Schoffel, Zürich 2017, Exhibited at Fritz86, Zürich 2016, Exhibited at Kafi Schoffel, Zürich 2016, Exhibited at Wessel Snyman Creative, Cape Town 2011, Performance art “Colour for the sake of Colour” House 22, Pretoria 2010. Café del Khuze, Pretoria 2009. Exhibited and Won the Macufe Art Competition, Bloemfontein, ZA 2006, Exhibited De Beers, City Hall, Pretoria 2002, Exhibited PPC cement, Gerald Reed Sekoto Gallery, Johannesburg1990


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