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BAM PIECE FINAL 2020-02.png
BAM PIECE FINAL 2020-01.png


This video is a collaboration between Thabiso Nkoana poet and Thabiso Phepeng artist. It forms part of a three piece series titled Black Lines Matter which will debut at Black Art Matters Zurich exhibition. Thabiso Nkoana is a poet, music producer and musicologist. As a poet, Thabiso juxtaposes poetry, free-verse and rhyme, with prose, to explore subjects such as class, race, gender and politics. His work can be described as postmodernist; often free of form and meant to reflect the process of thought or organic speaking through a stream of consciousness style. Thabiso Phepeng uses a combination of postmodern African art, abstract expressionism and graffiti influences. The mix of influences has refined a style reflected in his work through the intense focus on process as opposed to working towards a pre-planned result. He loosely describes as “Mark Making” or “Paint for the sake of paint and colour for the sake of colour.

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